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Marine Surveys
Forked River, New Jersey, USA

Reinier Van Der Herp, SAMS® AMS®, NAMS CMS
Accredited and Certified Marine Surveyor
SAMS® Northeast Regional Director

Serving New Jersey and Surrounding States

Office: 609 693-9005.
Cell: 609-618-8511

Types of Marine Surveys
Pre-Purchase (Condition and Value) Survey: A Pre-Purchase, or Condition and Value Survey, is a complete inspection of the vessel in the water, out of the water, and during a sea trial. It is used to inform the buyer of possible repairs or missing equipment on a vessel prior to its purchase. It also offers a fair market value on the vessel and is usually required to obtain insurance or financing.

Insurance Renewal (Condition & Value) Survey

An insurance renewal survey provides an inspection and report to satisfy the requirements of the insurance company in order to renew an insurance policy. It is important to find out from your insurance company if an in-water inspection will be satisfactory or if an out-of-water inspection or sea trial will be required.

Corrosion Survey

A Corrosion Survey is a dockside survey to determine how well the submerged metals on a vessel are protected against corrosion. This survey will show the level of protection provided by the anodes, inspect for any galvanic currents or stray currents and dock grounding for possible corrosion problems. The bonding system can be inspected on the hard for continuity and security, however to fully inspect the system and determine its function ability, it is necessary to have the vessel in the water at its berth with normal systems activated.

Damage Surveys / Insurance Claim Survey

A Damage Survey and Insurance Claim Survey is generally requested by an insurance company to determine the extent of damage to a vessel in an insurance claim, however, sometimes the owner may request a Damage Survey to protect his/her interest in dealing with a damage claim.

Wood Vessel and Restoration Surveys

We have surveyed many of the vessels pictured at de Rouville's Boat Shop.

Gasoline Engine and Outboard Motor Surveys

Including Compression tests (gas only), leak down tests (gas only)

High Performance Vessel Surveys

Other Services

Our other services include:
  • A "quick-look" at a vessel including digital pictures is to assist out-of-town buyers who want to look at a boat without the expense of traveling. This is a very preliminary inspection and is not a survey.

  • Inspection of a specific area of concern on a vessel.
  • Pre-trip inspection to prepare the vessel for a long voyage.

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